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Your Body Matters

What do you do for your body?

Do you sit all day long at a desk?

Do you vegetate on the couch or in bed for way too many hours a day or too many days of the week?

If you know you need to step up your movement…go do it! Yes its that easy!

Please, don’t beat yourself up for it, work out for it! Did you know that If you incorporate 30 minutes of exercise, whether it is walking or lifting weights, yoga, or running, actively getting your heart rate up for 30 minutes per day can reverse the affects of being sedentary most of the day. So there’s hope for us all!

Tips for reversing the sedentary lifestyle:

*Find something you enjoy and have fun with it. Set goals, team up with others, reward yourself as you reach success. Once you get into a groove you will feel so good about yourself and it will show. You will exuded accomplishment and empowerment for the people around you. Everyone wants to be healthy, there are so many ways to get healthy and stay healthy.

With this pandemic of Covid 19, life has changed for so many of us. We are quarantined at home for almost a year now and feel like enough is enough with this illness already. (Thats me!)

So we pray and we create a new lifestyle…

One that is healthy and fun. A lifestyle that is accepted as your… (I hate to say it) …“your new norm”. Its ok if you allow it to be ok. Don’t fight it, take charge and get active in your own life.

A lifestyle where we put trust in God and confidence in our very knowledgeable scientists. Praying that they figure this out so we can get out and about in the world of beautiful socialization. With peace, love and harmony.

*Look into the stand up desks. This gives you the chance to stand while at the desk which is good for your blood flow.

*Take the stairs instead of the elevator, if you’re on the 20th floor then walk the first few floors then take the elevator if possible.

*invest in a stability ball chair or a posture strap. This can help improve your core strength and your posture, I know I am always working on something or other, but I keep coming back to body posture and core because it is so important for everything!

*Under desk or in front of couch pedal bikes are awesome and very helpful. Choose what makes you happy and go do it! Yes, it is that easy!

The most important tip for every single topic we discuss no matter what it is, is to PRAY about it.

PRAY! PRAY! PRAY! Pray for Gods to guide you on your journey every day, because “with God all things are possible! Matthew 19:26”

Tip #! Start with 10 minute increments of exercise daily if you’re not ready for 30 minutes…that’s really all you need for an effect workout. Don’t burn yourself out right away by forcing yourself to do long exhausting workouts. Even 10 minutes is a good start! Working up to 30 or, if you’re ready go for it!!!

Tip #2 Journal it! When we write our goals and follow a drawn out plan we tend to stay committed longer, till the next hump. Set time on your calendar for your workouts and make sure to fit them in the best time slot for your individual success.

Tip #3 Don’t give up on yourself! If by Wednesday you feel like giving up, skip that day and prepare mentally to get back on the routine again tomorrow. We are human and we all get discouraged for one reason or another, hormone or just life related, and that’s ok. Take every day as a new beginning. Enjoy your life! You deserve it!

Remember, You are the creator of your own life…live it to your best ability, you deserve it and you can have anything you want when it comes to you!

Live your blessed life!the best you can one day at a time.




With Love, gratitude and confidence in you, because you can make the whole world better!

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