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Say A Little Prayer

It is the absolute best way to start the day!

This beautiful world we have been given is not to be taken for granted. When we pray and acknowledge the abundance of blessings surrounding us, we are letting God know we are aware of His presence.

The first few commandments state that we are to honor God and put Him first. This simple and oh so fulfilling act will change the course of anyone’s life when they fulfill their humanly duty of praying to God.

He has given us order and when we pray and obey His commandments our lives are filled with blessings. Having been a praying girl for all of my life I can absolutely say that this is a great lesson in life. Having a relationship through prayer has helped me overcome the very many painful life experiences that could have sent me down a depressed and very lonely path. The life I live is truly blessed, not perfect, but definitely blessed and U can live that way too. God has put a dream in my heart and that is to help U live closely to God too. It really is as simple as saying that little prayer every day! Morning, noon, night, whenever you can or all throughout the day...just pray!

“Thank you God for the life you have given me, please walk with me and lead me in the right direction according to your plan for my life here on earth. Amen”

You can pray any prayer you would like to, I always include the “Our Father” and a “Hail Mary”

However works best for you, but open your heart and mind to the good Lord above and know that He has us all in the palm of His hand. God is good and He will lead us in a positive direction once we get in agreement with God that He is in charge of our life. All things are possible with the Lord our God! Amen.

Amen. Amen. Amen. Wishing you all so much peace,love, and happiness...and a beautiful relationship with Our Father!

Smile! Be Happy! With love,

Positive Ang 😊

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