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Feeling of Value

It is a human need! We all want to feel like what we do or what we say matters.

Depending on what your role is at this specific time can help or hinder your self confidence in the area of feeling valued.

The housewife role for instance is one that takes a very strong person to continue committing to daily when the reward is so overlooked.

The individual who is responsible for this role does not get compensated adequately and this can cause low self esteem in the person and in the relationship due to added financial stress. The feeling of not doing or being enough in this role for the family can leave us feeling worthless, which can bring us down and feeling low.

Hopefully the partner of the housewife is generous and appreciative so the relationship and role can flourish properly...or the inevitable can creep up and cause doom in the home. Sometimes we create more of a problem then there needs to be because of insecurity of being enough according to social expectations and the importance of an income. Many relationships fail and maybe this is one reason for it, but it needs to stop because doing the unnoticed work in the home is more valuable than you know.

Creating comfort, safety, and all the good things that come from staying home will create long term value in more than just U. Your children are learning and growing regardless of where the money is coming from so focus on doing good and your self worth will increase daily.

I hope that U know that U matter, and that every role matters...even the ones that are taken for granted. Sometimes those are the roles where we are making the biggest impacts. Our children need good parents so work on that daily and the reward will give you the absolute greatest sense of feeling valued.

U are responsible for creating U!

Wishing you love and blessings!

Positive Ang 😊

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