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Say YES to U

Hi there!!! I hope all is excellent with you?!

🤗 “Yes, thank you all is well! ” is what one could say to reply and continue with being positive and happy, even if the feeling of stress was the main feeling before this interaction. Yes we can shift our thoughts instantly to yes if we choose to. It’s something that does need to be learned but it is possible. Everyone and anyone can learn how to change their own behaviors from negative to positive, at any time they choose to realize that U are in control of your thoughts. whether happy or not you create your way of thinking which in turn creates all of your circumstances and feelings that come along with outcomes.

It can be a viscous cycle in this world we are living with or among. Main idea is to realize that U can say yes to it all. Problems too!

When a problem arises U can say ”ok this is ok, what can I do to change this?”

When you look in the mirror daily (I hope) say Yes I am 🌹

Take pride in U and your appearance, it can be so much fun!!!

Surround yourself with great people who bring out the best in you!

The Pandemic has helped so many people to realize how important having good health matters, so take cake of U and please smile and be happy!

Tips for a more peaceful and happy U:

1) create a healthy routine that works for you in every positive way from awake until asleep. Starting with a gratitude prayer to God ❤️ 2) get dressed into something that energizes you rather then making you feel like going back to bed. 3)hydrate, coffe, tea, breakfast, supplements/vitamin’s/collagen/greens/etc.

4)exercise * any time that works for U is right!! Daily if possible with a rest day of course. Consistency is key! 5)Love what you do daily. U can choose happy, make adjustments along the path of’s all good!!!

Wishing U so much love and blessings!! Positive Ang 😊

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