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This Is A WIFEStyle

We wives have a responsibility …we absolutely do and we are grateful for that!!! Well we should be!!!

We have the innate ability to nurture due to our reproductive systems and that is something that is overlooked by many. This blessing placed upon us is miraculous and should be cherished 🙏

Instead of this, now men can have babies too? WTF who are we and what have we done with sanity and gratitude! Well, to each his own, who am I to judge. its the world we live in and I am here to push positivity, just trying to grasp why... Everyone wants to be someone else!!!! Why???

Be U!!! If we have straight hair we want curly hair, etc.

I pray for everyone of the good people Here on earth. Brothers and sister of mine (which I may not be able to say that) but anyway this is my blog. All of my beautiful brothers and sisters we do need to unite and help and love one another. Not envy and hurt each other and fight over every single situation out there!!! NO!!!!! NO!!!! NO!!!!!

Love peace and faith is what we need to live with the beautiful harmony we need here on earth! How do we get it back once it has been so disturbed? Can we get it back when it has been so habitual to desire what we don't have? Yes!! It !! Can!!! U can ignite your light whenever you are ready!!! There is a process of course and then it becomes a lifestyle…I’m calling it a wifestyle!!!! Wives Unite!!! Nurturers Unite!!!

Nurturing is our thing!!! It ALL begins at home !!! So let us Unite and make that home a happy place. Also, carry that maternal instinct out so that everytime we leave our homes we are friendly and nice and loving with all of our brothers and sisters !! Say hello to people at the store, in the park, at the schools. The young generation really needs this example because they seem to really keep their heads down in society. Look at each other and smile, sometimes just that can make a difference... Black/white






Please let’s love and respect each other and educate ourselves. First with faith so we have our armor on when Uniting all the people. It ALL begins at home! U are equip like a magnet attracting the things U want so make it great!!! Life can be soo excellent!! Let’s create a lifestyle that we shall call the UNCOMMON WIFESTYLE …. FAITH





With sincere gratitude,

Positive Ang 😊

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