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The Spiritual Realm Of Life

This is such an exciting story...I just had to share it!!! It is about the life I have created and the cardinals all around me.

So, I have a red house, this house has had this red siding since we bought it and probably for over 20 years before then is when it was done. It looks nice, its aluminum and fine with us. We love the red because, #1 it is my favorite color, #2 it is my sisters color(she was a red head, and she had a red fire temper to match). #3 it is easy to find out house on the block when giving directions.

We have lived in this house for 16 great years with about 6 bird nests and new births along the way. Robins were the first few nesting, but now we have seen so many cardinals all around here growing from little hatchlings to grown beautiful chirping birds all around our home. It is beautiful music to our ears.

So, the gardener was trimming and removing an over grown bush that became a tree and a nest came falling down. He was so upset and moved quickly to get the little baby birds back into the nest. He gently picked the bald babies up and places them in the nest. I then moved the nest to a quiet shaded space until it was safe to put back in a tree very close by where it was originally. (Thank goodness for google). We researched info and we “flew” into action 😉 and all went well!

I monitored the nest and prayed for the birds to come back and take care of these baby birds. Which they did indeed! The beautiful cardinals…two of them have been taking turns in bringing food and simply checking in to make sure all is well.

Of course I checked for the meaning of the presence of cardinals and it says such beautiful things about loving relationships, and vitality and the presence of the spirits of the diseased. I always know my sister is with me because of all of the red birds here so reassured is an understatement for how I am feeling…I strongly believe and always have believed in the presence of our ancestors in a spiritual realm here on earth. Once again I have been reassured! How about U?

Are you open to the spiritual realm around U? If you are I’m sure you have beautiful stories like this too!

If you do not, I am sure you can open up to it and experience all the beauty that comes along with this way of living and believing! It is really magical to experience these beautiful things!

If you want to be more open to it then focus on passed loved ones and ask for signs, when you receive them thank them and keep looking for more. The signs may be questionable in the beginning because it may feel like it’s too good to be true, but it will get more and more obvious that it is what it is…the spiritual realm of life …just for you! God is good! ❤️🙏

Wishing you love and blessings!

Positive Ang 😊

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