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Easy Tips for Healthier Days

Being healthy is a daily task for all of us. I know that there are so many people including myself, that have to take some sort of prescribed medicines due to health issues. Some health issue are more severe than others, etc. This is good...medicine is good and I am all for it, if it is appropriately prescribed and is working for you. Every one is different and we need to be aware of that when being advocates for our own health, which is an ongoing mission it seems.

So whether we take a daily prescribed medication or not, there are basic lifestyle habits we should be following with our daily routine. We learned all about it here in the US schools in elementary and than high school in health class! Its all about healthy eating for the body to operate optimally. Its great stuff that so many people have sadly strayed from or have not had the opportunity to ever be healthy because of how their parents lived. We can improve our health in an instant with creating new habits with what you put into your body several times per day.

Most of us eat at least 3 times throughout the day. This gives us opportunity after opportunity to make smart and healthy decisions every single day. It really is amazing how we can get stuck repeatedly giving in to unhealthy habits and lifestyle and then wondering why we are sick, fat, and tired.

I say no more of that!!! Lets be are some easy and basic tips to have healthy days beginning whenever you choose.

Tips for Healthy days:

* Sleep!!! Yes everyone is different so go with where you feel good. My sweet spot is 8 1/2 - 9 hours of sleep per night. My husbands is 6-7 hours and he feels great! Find your sweetest sleep!

* Drink plenty of water!!! you can drink sparkling, flat, mineral, etc. add fruit or veggies lemons, limes etc. Put it in your favorite glass, even if its a pretty wine glass, like mine, on the rocks please with a straw!!

* Eat nutritious foods for breakfast lunch and dinner. There are healthy choices all around us, its easier then you imagine.

* Vitamins, minerals, and herbs. They make up for what the body is lacking to get in the foods and how the body uses energy, it makes a difference! Everyone is different so find what you require by asking a doctor or professional first.

* Laugh!!! Watch a movie, read funny comics, engage in conversations with friends, family, neighbors etc. The feel good hormones associated with laughter chemically charge the body in a positive way.

This of course this goes with all of the above...Pray, pray, pray!!!

Pray if you need help falling asleep!

Pray if you need help with drinking more water!

Pray if you need help to eat healthy!

Pray if you need help to take more vitamins!

Pray for more laughter in your life!

Pray for everything you have, want or need help with in your life, praying to God will help you get there!

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