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Healthy Has Never Been Easier

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

God has sent me a gift that I can share with the world and I am so thrilled it happened now. Timing is so important when it comes to...well, pretty much everything! I am happy it is now because the time is always now and there are so many people that could use the help now more than ever.

After the past few years of so many illnesses due to the pandemic, I think many people have opened their eyes and minds to living healthy lifestyles because, usually, the healthier you are the better your body is equip to fight off most infections or diseases. The body has an innate ability to heal from so many sicknesses if it is strong to begin with.

Many people know that to live an optimal quality of life one must follow a certain diet and lifestyle. To have a strong body requires work, just like every thing else in life. We must work on our relationships, we must work in our businesses, we must work on our mindset, we must work on our fitness and lifestyle habits too.

Unless you live under a rock, we all know that our bodies thrive from eating fruits and vegetables. Right? 🤗 Plants grow from our beautiful earth and are delicious and nutritious. They clean our blood is how I have always understood it. The benefits that plants provide in our bodies is amazing. They give us the vitamins and nutrients we need every day. Eating a well balanced meal is so beneficial, and our bodies know how to thank us for it.

The power and combination of superfoods has proven to provide the body with energy and nutrition it desires. For years I have flooded my body with plant powders and I tried sneaking them into my kids smoothies but the green was just too obvious and they always knew what I was doing. They tried to fight me but I would just laugh and make them really tasty and have them close their eyes while they enjoyed them if it bothered them that much, LOL!

Until "NOW" I have found the best product out there and have joined a company and a mission to inspire healthy living and invite all of you to order your very own products for you and your family. I work with an amazing company who has packed all of those powders into capsules with no taste at all and with a chewable option for children too, that taste excellent! My kids totally approve, and so does my husband, who actually prefers the chewable option. I enjoy those too as a quick snack because even though I take may daily dose of fruits, veggies, berries, and omegas in the capsule form, its real food so I can have it as a snack without over doing it.

I have always wanted to help the world become a better place and that has been included in my prayers for years. I wrote the book Smile Be Happy to inspire happiness and to let people know that we can be happy. I believe in the power of prayer and God has proved to me time and time again that He is hearing my prayers, and He hears yours too.

If you are ready to begin your healthy journey by including your daily dose of nutrition with this one simple step then please click the link below to order your very own supply with me. Also, kids get theirs for free with an adult order. I mean, come on...tell me that isn't the best offer ever!!! To get the free child order you have to order through the healthy starts for families tab! 👍

Please reach out to me either here or on instagram @positive_Ang if you have questions or if you are looking to join this mission with me.

Wishing you Love❤️Health🙏Happines✌️


Positive Ang

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