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BOTOX ...Yay or nay??

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Hello there beautiful friends...yes you!!

Let’s talk about this. “BOTOX”

I know of it and had my own experience with it and it’s pros and it’s cons.

I want us to have the best of it all, we should educate ourselves and not leave the decision making of our looks up to a complete stranger. It’s a look!

We need to know what areas are best to fit our lifestyles and if we laugh a lot or squint naturally when we laugh, how will BOTOX affect your face?

  • Do you want to get it?

  • Did you have it done once or twice?

  • How does it benefit you?

  • Does it improve your appearance?

  • Are you obsessed With it?

  • Do you like the look??

  • How does it make you feel?

  • How does it change your look?

  1. Pros?

  2. Cons?

I believe there is definitely controversial mental, emotional and physical, aspects to having BOTOX, both POSITIVE and negative in all areas.

It’s all good, if it all comes out good!

Finding the right doctor to inject your face is crucial! If not you can be left with a deformed or drooped smile for a while.

The good news is that BOTOX wears off with time. But, sometimes not soon enough. 🤷‍♀️

We are human and we should embrace the beauty of that. Whats wrong with laugh lines?? Nothing.

It’s the frown lines we need to watch out for and my honest opinion is that sometimes BOTOX can accentuate the frown lines when the smile is paralyzed. Who knew that injecting crows feet would change the smile? Not me! I learned the hard way! oh well, you live and you learn!! I learned, and for me, I’d rather have crows feet and a happy smile!

We are miraculous creatures, blessed enough to know that there is something much, much bigger than us, and it is beautiful. We are beautiful!!! Your smile is what makes you beautiful so wear it well and if you like to add some flare then, apply some make up!!! It will do you wonders!!! FaReal!! If you need tips here they are.

Tip # 1 - Apply a tinted moisturizer with spf 30 daily, along with a powder compress to remove oils... add blush...mascara...lip liner or gloss...BOOM!!! Hot!!

BOTOX is a beautiful blessing to have at our fingertips for so many reasons, so I think it’s great!

But, being knowledgeable in knowing how it will affect your current look is KEY, and GO TO THE RIGHT BOTOX DOCTOR for you. Discuss what you want to achieve without changing your face, for a natural more youthful appearance.

God Bless you U beautiful friends!!! U are beautiful just the way you are, but if you want it, get it done right!

No judgement here just a life lesson shared. 😘 Smile and Be Happy! Positivity works!

Create your happy!

With God all things are possible.

With love and positivity,

Positive Ang 😘🙏🌹

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