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Worst Day Ever?!

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Wahhhhh!!! I am so glad it was yesterday and not today and it is now a new day. Having the worst days sometimes comes upon us out of no where, like it did for me yesterday. I woke up feeling sadder then I have felt in a very long time, why, you ask...well I got bad news and I think it was pretty much that time for everything sad in my life to just creep up and pound me right in my face, my heart , and my soul.

I felt like going to bed, shutting off every light and sleeping the day away. But of course, that's not possible because that is a form of running from feelings and problems that I needed to face and try to understand so that this feeling goes away and doesn't pop up again tomorrow and the next day and of course the days that follow. So I did what is generally difficult when feeling this way and I spoke about it with my husband, whom of course has to have something to do with the way I am feeling, right?!

He always asks in a sarcastic way "what did I do now?" lol but most of the time it is really about what he hasn't done. I am a big advocate of creating my own happy, because I am responsible for my happiness, but realistically speaking we are all affected by the people in our lives and especially the ones living under the same roof as us. So he did do something but he was not the main cause, lol.

We need to take responsibility for how and what we do in our lives and how or if it has a positive or a negative affect on each other. If there is something that is upsetting to me and I don't say anything then that's my fault, but if I repeatedly discuss the same issues then its his fault. period. Thankfully my husband wants to remain married so he makes tweaks and accommodations to support my needs, for the moment. Wink😬

I've learned that being a housewife has its benefits of course such as, keeping order in our home and being able to support all of my families needs, but quite honestly, it is very easy to get lost in the process of taking care of everyone else. It can be detrimental to my own health and happiness if I get lost in doing for everyone else and losing my desires and needs. So, I do practice self care with exercise, spirituality, writing and being an entrepreneur, but sometimes that is overwhelming also. Throw hormones and bad health news in the mix and there you have a recipe for a breakdown, and I felt extremely close to that yesterday. 🙏

I did fight the urge to be invisible and to have a pity party and sorrow for myself, so instead, I got mad, I cried, I even screamed and then, I did what I discuss in my book...I communicated. Yes my husband took it all because I spoke to him about how I felt in a way that was about me and my needs and not focused on what he did or didn't do. I actually created a new level of satisfaction for myself by being able to be my vulnerable self and communicate effectively, and today is a much better day because of that.

Bottom line...we all have terrible days...really, really terrible at times, but if we can communicate and understand that we can make changes according to our needs by effectively discussing our issues, then yesterday will be a day of satisfaction instead of a day that brought me down or created a sad depressed week to follow. I prayed (a little bit angry) but God understands. I cried. I felt sad, mad, and out of control. Then I communicated with the person whom I thought had the most responsibility in helping my needs of creating my happy husband.

It doesn't mean that he is a changed man because of our discussion but letting him know how I feel and knowing that he will be accommodating to what I need helps. Actually being able to let the words out and giving him some of the responsibility in being my other half helped. Today is a better day, even though the bad health news is still here, releasing how I feel made a big difference in the actual physics of how I feel.

Its a wifestyle! I am creating a lifestyle according to my role as the housewife first and I am sharing it with you! Thanks for listening. For more helpful hints on how to Smile and Be Happy, please

read my book and know that we all have bad days, sometimes really really bad days, but communication is key!

Wishing you all the best!

Positive Ang 😘

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