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Being is the time!

It's is the time...or tomorrow! Or tomorrow, or tomorrow?

Why wait?

Being positive is a practice that becomes natural and you can start as soon as now!

Don't know where to start?

How can you possibly start being positive when you feel as if you are under a pile of bricks? Or like everyone and everything around you keeps weighing you down with negativity? Life can be hard at times but when we practice being positive the benefits are everlasting.

Start with taking a deep breath and saying a quiet prayer, like this...

"Dear God, Please help me to live a more positive life than I have been living. Thank you God for turning my negative mindset into a positive mindset, and for giving me a life that I love, guided by You. Amen."

Here are some tips and pointers for you to get started in living a more positive life with a positive mindset.

Of course always start with a prayer, daily. Don't expect big change in your own life if you aren't going to put the work and practice into action every day.

We can reach any desired goal in life (being happy and positive) with prayer and practice. Even if the practice is beginning with the daily prayer, that's good. If you want great then you have to take the next step and learn how the human body works and how being happy and positive is capable for anyone who wants it.

It is a lifestyle so you will have to learn how to create this lifestyle. Just as a chef needs to learn how to cook, or a banker needs to learn how to bank. You can learn how to be positive.

We need to be taught how to be happy and live with a positivity inside of us that radiates! That is the answer to living the life that you want to...or really close to it.

*Read books all about how to be happy and positive.

*Remember to love yourself, which begins with a daily routine of taking good care of yourself with eating well, exercising, drinking lots of clean water and yes I will say it again...praying for the best!

*Steering clear of negative vices (if it brings you down, its not for you).

*Being careful to not let people unload their trash on you.

*When something negative happens don't respond immediately, breathe, think about God and pray. Then analyze the situation and try to think of the positive to it. Sometimes we have to stand idle when bad things happen and see what happens next naturally. Half the times we react right away we cause a bigger problem, and sometimes we worry for no reason. So, Use responsible judgement of course, but learning to be more positive will also create more peace simultaneously.

"With God All Things Are Possible" especially, living a life filled with a positive mindset and all the good things that come with that.

So start today with the little tweaks and minor tips...until you reach your desired goal!

Sending you so much love and light on your journey to a happy U!

Peace,Love & Unity,

Positive Ang

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