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Are U Happy in Love

U decide to be where you are and where you go in life. U decide who will be a part of the journey with you.

U are in charge of moving forward in life in whichever direction you choose to!

So...let it be happy! If you are in a relationship with the wrong person, then admit it and move on. Life is way to short to tolerate torture in any way, and the wrong relationship feels like torture. Move and and be grateful you did so!

U will come to realize with age and maturity that life waits for no one and you will only have U to blame for living the wrong life. When we entertain the wrong relationship because we are afraid of hurting someone or scared we will be alone, we are living in fear which is a Godless state.

Your partner may be the one you are saving because they too should move on for their happy too. Just because we commit to a relationship in the dating world doesn’t mean we are married already. If you are not married then you are dating and dating is a trail period in which we find our true happy!!! Yes...HAPPY!!! Find your happy and love your relationships moving forward!


1) Does your partner bring out the best or worst in you? Figure it out and make a decision.

2)Do you feel at peace when you are together? If not maybe that's a sign.

3)Do you laugh or cry when you are together or while you are in the relationship? If you cry more than red flag.

We can all be happy in life just make sure you do not settle due to fear. Find what U love and then the right person should fit into your life.

Cheers to finding U and your Happy In Love!

Wishing you so much love and many blessings!


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