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Your Heart's Desires

The law of attraction - The ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on! The law of attraction uses the power of our mind to translate our thoughts and materialize them into our reality. The law of attraction dictates that whatever can be imagined in the minds eye is achievable if you take action on a plan to get you to where you want to be. Be careful because you can attract both good and bad. Together with the universe you can have whatever you want. It begins in your mind and then plays out in reality. Be specific in your goals and desires and be careful with your thoughts. Spirituality - a sense of connection to that which is greater than ourselves. For some spirituality is their connection with God for others it is the universe and the energy around us. Either way it is something bigger than us. Most of us know and believe that this is a fabulous way to live, but struggle with believing when times are tough. We know how powerful believing is but but sometimes we don’t think it is worth the time or energy, but it is. When you truly get into the realization and commitment of believing that there is something greater than you and that you can manifest good things in your life, you will love it, and it will become a way of living.

Believing in God and the power of praying is healing and is a way of manifesting goodness in your life. It’s the prayers and connection we create with God and our universe. It is the belief and trust that when you communicate with God he answers and delivers your needs daily, and that is the #1 most important aspect of life…yes it is God! God brings joy to life and creates all the blessings we are gifted throughout life. What you believe is what you receive! When you pray first thing in the morning and truly trust that God will lead you and guide you in the right direction you will then live the absolute best life imaginable. It is the single easiest way to live out your desired life and it is the easiest thing you can do daily. I understand that there are so many people who struggle with believing that it is that easy to do, but I can tell you from my own experiences and understanding that this is a fact. Give it a try and remember everything takes commitment, belief and patience to become successful! Even praying. When we honor God by acknowledging His power to make miracles happen and we fully trust and respect God we are heard. Yes life will change according to which direction is best and that’s ok because things change in life…quite often and it can be a good thing. It may feel bad at first because you may not have wanted it but believe all will be well and it will be well, indeed! Tips for creating a more spiritual life…

#1Pray and be thankful to the Lord and all He created for us to live in peace and harmony, all throughout the day. We have thoughts all day long, replace any negative thoughts with gratitude and love.

#2 Get in agreement with God and what you currently have in your life. Be thankful for even the mishaps throughout the day and ask for the spirit to be with you through it all.

#3 Get excited when praying and sending energy into the universe. Really feel the joy of the energy and relationship with God and the spirit surrounding you. Ask, believe, receive! Keep believing for all of the good things you want in life and feel as if you already have it…get really excited and keep doing this daily for your optimal spiritual lifestyle. Want to learn more about the Law of Attraction? Check out Jerry & Esther Hicks book.

With love and blessings!

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