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Open it up...

Your Heart and Your Mind!!

We are so much more in control of our day to day happiness and lifestyle than we understand. You may see someone who seemingly has it "all" and you assume that you cannot have that "all" that they have because of your current life and style - lifestyle!

You may think that your life is done and you are where you are and that's it. You may think that they magically have it "all" and you can't possible have that. Hmmm...

I would like to share some mind blowing information on how you can have happiness every day and you can have it starting now...

Begin with an Open Heart and an Open Mind. Be willing to see the glass half full, be willing to visualize the beauty and happiness you deserve. Close your eyes and sit for a minute and see yourself in a distance with the happy life you desire, visualize yourself as your ultimate image, hair, body, clothes and atmosphere. See yourself in the distance feeling and looking happy, healthy and vibrant. Get a really good image of yourself just being complete and full of all the good things that you desire. Breathe, and feel happy in your current body as well as the you in your mind. Feel that and sit with that for a few minutes daily.

Then, after you have mastered this happy sight and feeling of your visualized self, then you can include a story which will include lifestyle and people. When visualizing the other people try to only have a shadow figure, because we can't control who is in our life but we can manifest what we want in our life such as lifestyle and big picture stuff.

You may visualize a partner, or children because you love and want a happy full family life with pets, etc. You may visualize work, and how you see yourself in that role. Don't be so specific just think all good thoughts and desires, it takes the stress out of the practice, and be sure to envision only good, not bad. If your mind redirects itself to think ill or poor thought just redirect yourself to see the good again. Doing this daily will help you to be more positive and feel more happiness, it is a meditation.

Meditation has been known to improve the mind and health overall, so once again if you can be open to creating your own happiness which is the most important way to get happy, try this visualization practice. The purpose is for you and creating happiness in your life and it all begins in the mind, so open up and fill your mind with good thoughts daily.

Wishing you so much happiness and a healthy mind, heart and life!

Blessings to you on your beautiful journey!

Positive Ang 😊

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